I love these two and I really didn’t think I would

“Look, I know it’s an artform or whatever and all,” Niko said, one eyebrow raised. “But, like…have [these artists] ever seen an ACTUAL pair of breasts? You know, attached to a real girl?”

Asher’s snort said everything. “Bruh.”

“I mean…they don’t move like that. They honestly do not. Like, they’re not really my area of expertise–” a choking noise was heard above the animated calamity onscreen as Asher spat out his Coke “–but if your tits move like that, you should probably see a doctor.” Niko paused. “Or an exorcist.”

and now a long moment while your author pauses and laughs her head off. I…honestly did not think I would care overmuch for either Niko¬†or Asher, but the former’s statements and the latter’s reactions…I am deceased. officially.

damn I hope I don’t have to kill either of these two off.

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