I’m Rin and I’m really bad at personal pages.

I live in a purple-flower city about 3cms away from the sun. I get migraines a lot. I’m in love with a Texan aëronaut. I am absolutely fascinated by the Heian era; Sei Shounagon is my eternal flawless oneesama (yeah, Murasaki’s okay, too, but we’re just too similar). I have a love/hate relationship with writing; veering closer to love as of 4/10/18. I love milky choco coffee, minor characters, makeup and K-beauty, hanafuda, oddly cute things, Muzi from Kakao Friends, and not having migraines. My dæmon is (probably) a harbor seal named Talaseth.

If you want to know more about me, for whatever weird reason, you can read about more things I like at my personal site, whenever I get that up~